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Alert 682: A decision time for recycling in Delaware

Latest Delaware “recycling” bill, SB 234, still not good enough, but can be fixed
Please ask Governor Markell and Representatives not to pass SB 234 until it is fixed
Delaware’s container deposit program (“bottle bill”) should be fixed not killed

Action:  Please contact Governor Markell and–if you live in Delaware–your state Representative

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Del. Governor Jack Markell has vetoed bottle bill repeal: HB-201

Our thanks to all who contacted Markell asking him to do this.  And thanks to Gov. Markell for doing it.

The next key step towards better management of garbage in Delaware is to break the evil influence of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, which continues to obstruct, deceive and pollute.  The Governor appoints the DSWA board members and designates the Chair.  He inherited a bad Board and needs to make changes.

Alan Muller
Green Delaware