"Main Channel Deepening"—Green Delaware’s comments

One of the longest-running environmental controversies in Delaware—and New Jersey and Pennsylvania—is over dredging the Delaware River "main channel" from 40 to 45 feet.  (The "natural depth" of the River has been said to be around 18 feet.)


Advocates of the deepening are primarily Philadelphia port interests and the Philadelphia District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. 

Delaware and New Jersey have mostly been opposed. 

Some present and former DNREC staffers have been rather passionately opposed.

This has never been a central issue for Green Delaware but our organization has always opposed the deepening and we have written about it many times and testified at many meetings and hearings.

It seems to us, frankly, that the balance of forces has shifted somewhat in favor of the deepening.

This week Green Delaware submitted these comments, which hopefully are self-explanatory.

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