Alert 680: Don’t let Del. regulators fund incinerator promoters

Alert 680:  Del. regulators give $25,000 contract to incinerator promoters–“Contaminated Air Council”

“We are very happy to have this opportunity to partner with your organization to improve environmental quality in our state”
–letter from David Small, Acting Secretary

Please take action (below)


Sometimes events in Delaware seem to swing back and forth between the surreal and the insane.  But in my fifteen years experience in Delaware I have not seen something as mega-out-of-line as this.  If you care, PLEASE read and make a phone call or two.

Most of our readers will know that the so-called “Clean Air Council” has been promoting incinerators in Delaware, contrary to our laws and in complete disregard of the likely harmful health effects.  Many calls and emails to the Chair and Executive Director of the “Contaminated” Air Council have so far had no effect–the incineration promotion continues.  Here are two of Green Delaware’s report on this problem:

Shameful “Clean Air Council” incinerator promotion report

Alert 671: Delaware environmental laws under attack by “Clean Air Council”

Now, we learn that Delaware’s environmental regulatory agency, DNREC, has given “Contaminated Air Council” a $25 thousand contract.  (Associated letter.)

The supposed purposes include:

“The Clean Air Council will build a coalition of public and private partners with a shared interest in address [sic] local air pollution.”


“At least four training sessions addressing issues:  of citizen engagement, organizational effectiveness, basic air pollution information, identifying environmental issues with impacts on public health ….”

So Delaware officials are giving “Contaminated Air Council” a contract to (supposedly) work against exactly the problems that would be caused by their own incineration scams. What could be more perverted??


o       Ask environmental Secretary Collin O’Mara to cancel this contract:   302.739.9000, email O’Mara

o       Ask Governor Jack Markell to cancel this contract.   302.577.3210, email Markell

o       If you live in Delaware:  Contact your State Senator and Representative:  Ask them to demand that this contract be cancelled, and support legislation to strengthen Delaware’s laws against incineration.  Contact information for Delaware state elected officials.

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