Good News: Proposed “biomass” incinerator in Newport cancelled by BASF

We learned this morning that this project has been abandoned by BASF.

Thanks to all those who spoke out against it!

Two legislators played vital roles: Senator Karen Peterson and House Speaker Bob Gilligan. Speaker Gilligan said:

“I’m very glad to hear that CIBA has decided not to pursue the construction of a biomass incinerator at their Newport plant. Their proposal was clearly not in the best interest of the environment, and members of the community raised serious concerns about an incinerator’s impact on their long term health. Sen. Peterson and I strongly opposed their plans, and we’re happy they changed their minds.”

We aren’t out of the woods as far as burner schemes in Delaware–or the continuing shameful role of “Clean Air Council” in promoting them.

A strange and absurd scheme is being promoted in the City of Wilmington. The proponents say they want to use an electric arc furnace–the technology that is causing so many pollution problems in Claymont–to melt coal ash, melt steel, burn “biomass,” burn garbage, etc. It’s nonsense, but that likely won’t stop “Clean Air Council,” the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (the “Garbage Empire”) and others from promoting it. The promoters won’t tell us where they want to put it, other than “brownfield” sites in the City of Wilmington.

Still, the death of the Newport burner scheme is an important step. Hopefully it will help Delaware refocus on the many opportunities in zero waste, efficiency, solar, wind, and other truly sustainable energy options. Hopefully the Markell administration will come to its senses and stop supporting burners.

By the way, Delaware’s anti-incinerator laws are being copied in at least three other states. Details upcoming.

Take a moment to thank Senator Peterson and Speaker Gilligan.

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