“‘Tis the season to be jolly”–Obama takes up “The White Man’s Burden”

Obama accepts the Nobel peace prize with an ode to war and imperialism that could have been straight Kipling.

The US Congress passes a $636-billion–for one year!–“defense” budget with little notice or discussion.

Senators of both parties, far beyond mere pandering to the insurance industry, seem to have fully internalized its values.  They screech hatred from the rooftops.  Hatred of:  making health care available to US residents.

pandering to extractive industries and mega-greedy “banks.”  Meanwhile,  Danish cop-thugs beat demonstrators in the streets.  (Pretending they are in St. Paul, or New York, or Philadelphia, or Chicago, or Seattle, or Miami?)  So much for illusions that the Nordic countries are an island of sanity.

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are two of the most-reported-on politicians in the United States.  Serious people fear Palin could be elected president of the United States.

I spent the middle of my small day with one of my favorite people, Nancy Hone, opposing schemes of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to load the state up with a new generation of pollution-and-greenhouse-gas-belching garbage incinerators.  In the name, of course, of “climate action.”  Many good people share the desire to connect policy to sanity.

Delaware’s “DNREC” lobbies against better coal ash management, claiming things are just fine in Delaware, except for a few past mistakes.

The Minneapolis City Council, unable to say “no” to an incinerator, says “yes” to a raise for itself.  They felt they’d earned it, I suppose.

It’s beyond writing about.  Beyond thinking about.

Somehow, a holiday seems in order.

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