Alert 648: Events week of March 22, 2009 and following

Green Delaware Alert 648
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Events week of March 22, 2009 and following

Wednesday, March 25, 2009:

4:00 PM.  Legislative Hall–House Majority Hearing Room

The House Energy Committee (*/9275AC16D8B73D8985257507005A4CA4/?opendocument&nav=House ), chaired by Rep. John Kowalko, is hosting a presentation by some people who participated in an “environmental summit” put together by the Sierra Club.  (I was invited, but did not attend.)  We’ve seen the summary of the meeting, and it has some good ideas and some bad ones.  Of particular concern are several references to promoting waste-burning:

• Agricultural waste and solid waste into clean, renewable energy
(page 19)

Renewable energy from agricultural waste
(page 27)

– Developing waste-based energy
(page 27)

Delaware is fortunate to have strong laws against waste-burning, but people are always conniving to roll back these laws and this is a dangerous time because all sorts of horrible ideas are being promoted under the guise of reducing carbon emissions.  We can’t necessarily count on Delaware “enviros” to stand firm on this.  We thought Governor Markell had taken a clear anti-burn position during his campaign, but he’s nominated a DNREC head with a history of promoting garbage incineration in California.  It’s important that concerned people make clear to elected officials that they don’t want the pollution of any more smokestacks in Delaware.

4:30 Legislative Hall–House Majority Hearing Room

House Natural Resources Committee chaired by Rep. Mulrooney (*/8BF9D3C6F27BD278852575370078B2DE/?opendocument&nav=House ),

Sponsor : Kowalko
(This bill is an attempt to correct some of the many abuses existing in Delaware’s ways of handling waste.)

Comment: Presentation by Blue Mountain Recycling and Peninsula Composting

Thursday, March 26, 2009:

9:30 to 11:30

Meeting of Governor’s Energy Advisory Council

US Department of Agriculture Building
1st Floor Conference Room
1221 College Park Drive
Dover, DE 19904

Link to agenda and directions to meeting location:

This meeting is to take up the bad-news report described in Alert 645:

“Delaware Energy Plan 2009-2014 –a worst-ever report?

This report, along with some good ideas, promotes coal burning and garbage incineration.  As we said in the Alert, it needs to be rewritten completely to provide public input and separate the good ideas from the bad ones.

We reviewed the public comments received by the Energy Office.

Many many people connected to Citizens for Clean Power asked that the “clean coal” recommendation be removed.  NOT ONE, that I saw, supported our objections to the proposal to weaken the laws against incineration.  This illustrates a sad reality–people and organizations have tunnel vision.  THIS is what keeps the corporate community in charge.  Some might ask:  Why should Green Delaware worry about the Indian River Power Plant when Citizens for Clean Power doesn’t worry about our concerns?  Of course, we have to be bigger than that, but….)

Among the more intelligent comments came from the Delaware Nature Society, which DID object to the incineration proposal.

A couple of well-informed folk objected to support for the big PEPCO transmission line scheme Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway (MAPP)

From the Positive Growth Alliance:

Comments on the Delaware Energy Plan:
We find this plan to be a major disappointment and mostly unworthy of serious consideration at the present time.  In part, it is due to economic circumstances beyond your control.  A large part of the problem, however, arises from the fact you apparently didn’t seek meaningful input from those who will pay the bills in higher prices, less freedom, and a lowered standard of living.  It is possible, due to the lack of business people on your committee, that you didn’t even realize that’s what you were recommending for Delaware’s citizens.

So the PGA agrees with Green Delaware that the report is bad, but for opposite reasons…..

From our friends at ConocoPhillips came this:

Your voice is needed to stop the Obama Administration’s proposed tax increases on America’s oil and natural gas industry.

These unprecedented taxes will have devastating effects on the industry and an already struggling American economy.

Increasing taxes on the oil and natural gas industry will:

  • Stifle economic recovery;
  • Cost thousands of American jobs each year;
  • Increase consumer prices for fuel and other products;
  • Reduce investment in new U.S.-based energy supplies; and
  • Reduce local, state and federal revenue.

The hundreds of thousands of Americans employed by the energy industry – including the tens of thousands employed by ConocoPhillips – work hard every day to provide this country with the energy it needs. These tax proposals would seriously undermine their efforts … and the development of America’s domestic energy supply.

Of course, increased taxes on oil and gas, with revenues used to promote energy efficiency, wind, solar, and conservation, are exactly what IS needed. For more about ConocoPillips propaganda efforts, see Alert 568: ConocoPhillips comes to town…..

This sort of campaign means heavy pressure will be on Senators Carper and Kaufman, and Congressman Castle, to do the oiler’s bidding.  Maybe they need to hear from you?

CREDO (a phone company) says:

The House “Blue Dog” Caucus has often stood against important progressive values, supporting causes from the war in Iraq to passing FISA. Now, a new group in the Senate ­ the “Moderate Dems Working Group” ­ is attempting to do the same thing.

The Moderate Dems Working Group consists of 16 senators, which makes it proportionally larger (and potentially even more powerful) than the Blue Dogs. The group has already promised to block key climate change and healthcare provisions from making it through the budget reconciliation process (which would circumnavigate an inevitable filibuster).
As part of the Moderate Dems Working Group, Sen. Carper could kill some of the most progressive policies of the Obama administration.
This could mean the end to meaningful legislation to combat global warming. This could block a real solution to healthcare. A small group of democrats in the senate, led by Evan Bayh of Indiana, are threatening key pillars of President Obama’s progressive agenda.

Tell Conservative Democrats: Don’t block Obama’s agenda.

Pacem in Terris ( says



The human costs of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mount every day, and each month upwards of $12 billion are drained from our national treasury.  WE NEED THOSE BILLIONS AT HOME!!

By bringing people into the streets of the financial center. we will send a strong, clear message:  The long term solution to our nation’s economic crisis must include major cuts in military spending and putting our money to work in the rebuilding of our communities.  Instead of pouring our money into bailing out wealthy bankers, we need government investments in spending that creates new jobs, provides health care and quality education for all, ends the foreclosure epidemic, and supports sustainable, clean ener

On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke out against war at his historic ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech at Riverside Church in NYC. A year later to the date, April 4, 1968, Dr. King was assassinated in Memphis where he had traveled to lend support to the struggle of striking sanitation workers.

This year, on April 4, we honor the legacy of Dr. King with our urgent call for a new direction by marching on the financial capital of the country: Wall Street.

Join us in raising our voices in a unified call for the changes we know must be made –  the changes millions of people are demanding!

Pacem in Terris has reserved a 55-seat coach that will depart from the Park & Ride in Newark (896 & Rt. 4 – Chestnut Hill Rd.) at 8:00 a.m. and from Rodney Square, Wilmington, at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, the 4th of April, 2009.  The bus will drop us off in New York City at Leonard, Franklin, & White Strs. between Broadway & Lafayette St. and pick us up at 4 p.m. for the trip home. Cost: $30/passenger.   CALL PACEM IN TERRIS — 656-2721 — TO RESERVE A SEAT.  TIME IS SHORT – DO IT NOW!!!   Some “riderships” are available.

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