Delaware’s “Public Advocate” lines up with Delmarva Power

Delaware has a “Public Advocate,” Arthur Padmore, who is supposed to represent the public interest in utility regulatory matters.  This office was set up because the Public Service Commission was perceived to have come too much under the control of the utilities it is supposed to regulate. There is a website but it’s very stale: Public Advocate

We think the Public Advocate  should not only speak up for the public interest, but should support public participation by others.  That’s not happening.

For example, as noted above, there’s an argument going on as to whether Integrated Resource Planning should consider health and environmental issues.  On one side are Clean Air Council, Green Delaware, and Jeremy Firestone.  On the other are Delmarva Power, the PSC Staff, and now the Public Advocate.  The Public Advocate lined up with Delmarva and Staff in a letter dated February 13th, saying “The Public Advocate adopts by reference the Answer of the Delaware Public Service Commission Staff … [and] urges the Commission to deny the Petition.”See:


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