“Delaware needs all the jobs we can get/save, but do we really need to also increase business for the selected few, like doctors and undertakers?”

This email is from Barbara J. Finnan, who regularly complains about noise and pollution from the Delaware City Refinery.  It was sent to DNREC, Gov. Markell’s staff, and others.


David Ledford,  Executive Editor, The News Journal

You’ll never respond to this e-mail – you’ve never responded to one before.  Nevertheless, I was amazed at the front page article in your paper written as though all this should be news to those of us who have struggled mightily in this state to get someone to rein in runaway development, polluters, etc.   It must be the moon or something.

As long as we have civic “leaders” like Mayor Klingmeyer in New Castle, and DNREC for the state we’re not ever going to get anywhere, and putting the burden on individuals to try to save and clean up the mess the big guys make is absurd.  Mr. Klingmeyer and crowd worked hand in glove with the developers of RiverBend on Rte9 just outside of Dobbinsville, which has destroyed hundreds of acres of wetlands.  This is supposedly okay by someone’s calculation.  Since the only advertisements alerting the public to the fact that this was in the works appeared in the crummy little New Castle paper – and thereby satisfied the must-be-advertised requirement, no one really knew it was coming.  Today it sits there in all its woeful glory and I hope and pray it sinks back into the marsh.  It also has the nerve to advertise that it provides a wonderful view of nature – the same nature it’s busy destroying.  Who knows what else the Czar of New Castle has coming next.

Yesterday at 5 AM when I awoke to the rumblings yet again of Valero or whoever, I waited until about 7 AM to call DNREC where the cheerful little lady who answered the phone told me it was “nothing to worry about”!  Easy for her to say from Dover!!  I told her I knew it was “flaring” which she confirmed, and which I no longer need explained to me – neither what it is nor why it is. I disagreed with her on whether or not it was something to worry about, especially since it happens frequently and with impunity.  I fully understand that, especially now,

Delaware needs all the jobs we can get/save, but do we really need to also increase business for the selected few, like doctors and undertakers?  This constant pollution during which time it’s impossible to open windows has been happening ever since I’ve lived here – since 1991.  I’m sure it’s been going on long before that.  The modus operandi, so to speak, is when the fines and pressure finally get serious, the plants are sold and the new owners get a “bye” for a period of time – during which a lot of hoo-ha occurs about how the new owners are trying to correct old problems, blah, blah, blah.  And here we are today – no change or improvement.  Oh, and the darling girl said she’d have someone call and talk to me.  In all the years I’ve been here and all the complaints I’ve made, on a fairly regular basis as needed, I’ve had responses from DNREC about 4 times – and definitely not yesterday.

Here’s a way the state could save money – do away with DNREC – it’s totally useless for the important problems.  New Castle has instituted the Instant Fine for sloppy yards.  I’d much rather have a car next to me up on blocks than know I live between Army Creek and Valero – too bad for me.

Barbara J. Finnan
508 Sterling Ave.
Llangollen Estates
New Castle, DE 19720

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