Come to the Delaware Audubon Society Annual Dinner Dec 7, 2012

The Delaware Audubon Society Annual Dinner is December 7, 2012.  Pearl Harbor Day.

This is an Audubon tradition and one of the few social events to link people involved in Delaware’s “environmental community.”

This year there is more of a link to Green Delaware than usual because Audubon is giving it’s annual award to Alan Muller.

Carol has more to say about this here.

Personal note:

Audubon gives its annual award to individuals.  But of course the accomplishments of Green Delaware are due to the work of a great many people.

One of the high points of our work so far involved a collaborative investigation of the Delaware City Refinery by Audubon, Common Cause, and Green Delaware.

These days I divide my time between Delaware and Minnesota.  This is for several reasons but a key one is that Delaware has become an increasingly hostile place.  The pastures feel greener elsewhere….  (The recent, almost incredibly shameful, return of Tom Gordon as New Castle County Executive pretty much cements this.)  At the same time, the need for the work of Green Delaware and other organizations such as Audubon seems greater than ever.  We need the thoughts and contributions of all to figure out how to continue and expand this work.

So I want to invite friends and supporters to come to this event.  It would be a nice opportunity to see you.

And with Matt DelPizzo and Linda Whaley organizing things, it should be a good time.

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