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GreenDel Alert: DuPont fined $750,000 for waste violations

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection fines DuPont $750,000, but ….

The ongoing nightmare of Chambers Works

Most people probably know that the DuPont Company  (formally E. I. duPont de Nemours & Co.), at the New Jersey end of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, at its Chambers Works site (DuPont Company Chambers Works website) , operates one of largest hazardous waste facilities in the US. 

Essentially it’s made up of a hazardous waste landfill (dump) and a wastewater treatment plant discharging into the Delaware River. 

Nasty industrial waste from all over the US, and sometimes from overseas, comes to South Jersey to be "treated" and then dumped, either on land or into the river.   DuPont calls it "Secure Environmental Treatment."  We call it a disgrace.

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