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"Medical providers are needed for the last week of July!"

Hello friends and colleagues,

The Haiti Family Initiative (HFI) is in the final stage of preparing the 2011 Wellness Summer Camp in Jacmel.  Last year, almost 100 volunteers, primarily Delawareans, participated in the camp which was attended by about 150 homeless children and their mothers living in the tent city daily. The camp provided them with water, a nutritious lunch, art and craft, games, stress relief and, happiness.  We also had a socio-psychosocial program to help the women overcome emotional issues following their losses and a medical clinic that treated hundreds of patients weekly. Continue reading

"Archaeology Day at the Dutch House July 9"

From the New Castle Historical Society:

Michael Connolly
New Castle Historical Society
302-322-8923 (fax)

On Saturday, July 9 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the public is invited to visit the Dutch House museum site in Old New Castle to learn about recent archaeological discoveries made at the site. The New Castle Historical Society, which owns the Dutch House property, hired John Milner Associates to conduct an archaeological investigation of the rear portion of the Dutch House property. The final day of the investigation is Saturday, July 9.

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Potential for nuke disaster hangs over us all

There is so much disturbing stuff to know about nuke plants, and so much denial by the powers-that-be, that choosing what sources to rely on can be hard.

One important thing to consider is that most nukes have open circuit cooling systems using huge amounts of water–up to around one billion gallons per day per reactor.  They use much more water than coal or gas plants of similar capacity because they are of lower thermal efficiency, meaning that more of the thermal energy released has to be dumped as "waste heat."  So, they are usually located on a riverbank, or on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Pacific Ocean, etc.  This is so common we take it for granted and don’t think about the implications, such as high vulnerability to floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, water level rise–all of which are increasing rapidly due to climate change.

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"Major contributor of arsenic in animal feed halts practice"

This is an important step forward in the struggle to get arsenic out of the food chain.  Most people may still not know that arsenic is intentionally added to poultry feed in the US.  We eat it, and the birds poop it, with all sorts of harmful effects. 

In Maryland there is a serious legislative effort to ban arsenic in feed.  This needs to happen in Delaware,  and elsewhere the mass production poultry CAFO industry operates.

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