Monthly Archives: February 2011

"Channel 28 TV Program on Needed Public School Reform"

From Floyd McDowell, one of Delaware’s most dedicated activists:


   I extend an invitation to tune in the Channel 28 TV program on Sunday, February 6th from Twelve to One PM. On Wilmington NAACP President Charles Brittingham’s program, I will explain why we will continue to perpetuate program and cost ineffective public schools in our state. More important, I will discuss two research-proven program and cost effective school system reforms which will graduate over 90 percent of our state’s entering students compared to slightly over 60 percent we now graduate. Implementing one or both of these comprehensive school system reforms will eliminate the devastating short-term and lifetime damage caused by totally unnecessary flunking, labeling, sorting, segregating, drugging and causing students to drop-out. Research is ceiling high that explains these abusive practices are the main reason for adolescent and adult anti-social and criminal behaviors but there has never been even a meeting to discuss this knowledge. Our disproven superimposed business model of stressful policies and requirements forced on school building level staff, parents and students is driven by detached, irrelevant high stakes standardized tests that have little or nothing to do with what should be taught and learned in classrooms.

For over two decades, I worked as a member of Consultant/Trainer teams for the US Department of Education and nonprofit national Partners for Quality Learning organization helping State Departments of Education and school districts train staff and parents to successfully implement one or both of these nationally validated school district reform systems. I have written research findings and testimonials from school district leaders in a number of states showing what this best knowledge reform accomplished in their school districts.