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"Now Atlantic is found to have huge ‘garbage patch’"

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Friday, 20 August 2010


A huge expanse of floating plastic debris has been documented for the first time in the North Atlantic Ocean. The size of the affected area rivals the "great Pacific garbage patch" in the world’s other great ocean basin, which generated an outcry over the effects of plastic waste on marine wildlife. Continue reading

Alert 687: Yet another Markell disgrace … an almost-free-pass for Valero (Markell/Coons Refinery)

If you care: Call Markell and let him know how you feel about this: 302.577.3210,

The News Journal reported today that the Markell administration settled all the numerous environmental enforcement actions pending against Valero (Delaware City Refinery, now the Markell/Coons refinery). for a token amount of less than two million dollars. Continue reading

Bad air days ….

Recent 2010 air quality forecasts for Delaware have been:

Aug. 3rd        Code Yellow
Aug. 4th        Code Green
Aug. 5th        Code Yellow
Aug. 6th        Code Yellow
Aug. 7th        Code Yellow
Aug  8th        Code Yellow (Details below)
Aug  9-10-11 Code Orange ( Details here)

About 900 thousand people live in Delaware.  For those seriously concerned about their health and quality of life, issues abound–air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, trashing of natural resources upon which life depends, and a deteriorating economy.  Maybe the most dangerous pollution, in the long run, is the pollution of our schools and media by industrial propaganda and the right-wing-nut-case spin machine.  Technical solutions to these problems abound, but it is not clear that Delaware’s political system has enough integrity to implement them.  During this hot, polluted summer there is much to think about.

Alan Muller

State of Delaware Air Quality Forecast for:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[Note that this forecast is Yellow for both Ozone and Particulates, and is associated with high temperatures and humidity.  Thus, in reality, it should be at least Code Orange.]

(New Castle County including City of Wilmington)
Fine Particles (PM2.5): YELLOW (MODERATE)
(Kent and Sussex Counties including City of Dover)
Fine Particles (PM2.5): CODE YELLOW (MODERATE)
Southerly flow tomorrow will continue to pump heat and humidity into the region as temperatures near 90 F and dew points rise into the 60s F. Mostly sunny skies and stagnation for a majority of the day will cause ozone and PM concentrations to rise into the moderate range. Monday, temperatures climb higher into the 90s F and low level recirculation will prevent high ozone and PM concentrations from leaving the region. Flow along the I-95 Corridor will further boost ozone concentrations and Code Orange ozone is forecast for northern Delaware, with moderate PM concentrations for Monday. Southern Delaware will continue to see moderate ozone concentrations on Monday. Tuesday, hot weather and muggy conditions continue. Code Orange ozone and moderate PM are
expected for all of Delaware.