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Exceptional series on groundwater pollution in Delaware

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
–The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772-1834

Monday is a Code Green day.  Tuesday and Wed. are looking like Code Yellow.  Enjoy a day’s respite from pollution…..

" …giving up is not an option."

If you care, get on the phone to your state senator, state representative (contact information here) , and Governor Markell:, 800.292.9570.

The Wilmington News Journal is running an exceptional series on groundwater pollution in Delaware.  Writer Jeff Montgomery is a diligent, comprehending reporter.  And this illustrates the importance to society of having media that can afford to pay competent reporters to do time-consuming investigations. Continue reading

Code Orange bad air expected Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

July 23, 2010

"The large scale weather pattern is conducive to high ozone with high temperatures and westerly transport.  However, there is a chance of convection each day so that local ozone concentrations, as has been the case all this week, can vary widely.  Overall, highest ozone is expected in the Friday-Sunday period with a change in air mass to cleaner conditions by Monday."

As usual, we point out that the combination of heat, humidity, ozone, and particles creates true CODE RED conditions in Delaware.

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"NRG to shut down power plant’s Unit 3"

[This article appeared in Coastal Point.  So are as we know Ms. Scott is the only reporter covering this story who did more than regurgitate the DNREC press release….

It’s worth noting, also that Unit three will be running for a extra two years without emission controls that the Delaware power plant cleanup regulation required to be installed.]  So in the short run, pollution will be increased, not decreased, by this deal.]


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Del. Governor Jack Markell vetoes incinerator bill–SB 311

Please call Markell and let him know you consider this veto inexcusable:  302.577.3210,"

Today is a Code Yellow bad air day.  Tomorrow is a Code Orange bad air day.   In general, the air is very bad in Delaware these days.

Senate Bill 311, as we reported here, passed through the Delaware General Assembly with only one "no" vote.  This bill clarified that "wood" burning is considered incineration under Delaware’s anti-incinerator laws.  "Synopsis: This Act is intended to close a potential loophole in Title 7, which could allow industrial incinerators capable of incinerating solid waste to operate near residential areas by burning wood." Continue reading

"Delaware government: NCCo Council must pay for records High costs prompt county to require FOIA requests"


Few things about Delaware are more disgusting than the government of New Castle County.  Note, in the story below, that the "offense" Councilman Weiner allegedly committed was to give information to his constituents.  Supporting Chris Coons to become a United States Senator is an offense against decency.


From the Wilmington News Journal

New Castle County Executive Chris Coons’ administration has tightened access to public records for County Council after one councilman racked up $1,200 in copying costs.

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Bad air Friday July 16, 2010, and following days

Previously we commented about how Delaware can and should do a better job of notifying people of unhealthy air.  There is, of course, a certain reluctance on the party of the state to go beyond Federal (EPA) "guidance" in this regard, as it constitutes an admission that the "air quality management" process isn’t fully effective.  And, it calls into question the perpetual campaigns of business interests to further weaken environmental protections.

But the more important issue, of course, is how to clean up the air such that bad air alerts wouldn’t be necessary. Continue reading