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Alert 683: Public hearing on new sewer plant May 19, 2010

DNREC evaluation of a proposed sewer plant ignores impacts of the additional development it will allow

84% of the capacity is to support new development–8400 new connections

Yet DNREC Secy. O’Mara concludes the project is clean because it will reduce septic tank pollution

Public Hearing May 19th on proposed Tidewater Utilities project

 "In effect, the DNREC seems to be cheerleading for this project rather than evaluating it carefully."

Will the Markell administration enforce the Delaware Coastal Zone Act?

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Alert 682: A decision time for recycling in Delaware

Latest Delaware “recycling” bill, SB 234, still not good enough, but can be fixed
Please ask Governor Markell and Representatives not to pass SB 234 until it is fixed
Delaware’s container deposit program (“bottle bill”) should be fixed not killed

Action:  Please contact Governor Markell and–if you live in Delaware–your state Representative

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Cape Wind [offshore] Power Purchase Agreement comes in at 20.7 cents/kWh

[This is around double the only other US offshore PPA I know of–for the "Bluewater" project off Delaware.  Rhode Island regulators rejected another PPA at 24.4.

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