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Alert 676: “Zero Waste” in Delaware–Can we get it right?

Past informs future in little Delaware
“Zero Waste” advocated and perverted….
Markell’s Executive Order No. 18 “Leading by Example ….”
In these times of change and opportunity, can Delaware get it right?


This doesn’t make entirely pleasant reading.  It’s a bit long.  But there is a reason for “going there:”  The past is prologue.  History is trying to repeat itself.  Some of the names have changed but the underlying (incineration) scams remain. Continue reading

Public meeting postponed on proposed shutdown of Indian River power plant’s Unit 3

A public information meeting to discuss the proposed shutdown of Unit 3 at NRG’s Indian River Power Plant scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 11, has been postponed by DNREC.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16, at the Millsboro Fire Company Banquet Hall. DNREC will provide an overview of a proposal to shut the coal-fired unit and will receive public feedback about the proposal.

See: “DNREC negotiating permanent shutdown of additional coal unit at Indian River Power Plant”

Alert 675: Massachusetts Medical Society’s opposition to “biomass” incinerators, and “your turn!”

Now it’s your turn:  Take action to protect your health by keeping incinerators out of Delaware.
(action steps below)

Friends, we have a message our readers have heard before:  “Stop the Incinerator!”

You heard this when Tom Carper was governor.  You heard it when Ruth Ann Minner was Governor.  Now you hear it when Jack Markell is Governor.  Campaign statements notwithstanding, Markell, on this issue, is proving to be a horse with the same gait.  Should we call it, “change you can’t believe in?”  Markell’s promotion of incineration is shockin–we’ve been had! Continue reading

DuPont at work in West Virginia

Worker killed by poison gas leak
February 5, 2010