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“Delaware needs all the jobs we can get/save, but do we really need to also increase business for the selected few, like doctors and undertakers?”

This email is from Barbara J. Finnan, who regularly complains about noise and pollution from the Delaware City Refinery.  It was sent to DNREC, Gov. Markell’s staff, and others.

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Alert 643: “A Winter of Discontent Over Utility Bills”

Alert 643:  “A Winter of Discontent Over Utility Bills”
Customers Are Upset That Rates Are Still High Despite Lower Fuel Costs
Green Delaware needs your support…


In these tough times many are wondering why their utility bills are the same or higher when the wholesale price of gas and electricity has tanked.  Good question. Continue reading

Do We All Have the Capacity for Inhuman Cruelty?


We have a lot of recovering and building to do, morally and spiritually as well as economically.  And not just from George Bush and Dick Cheney but from Ruth Ann Minner, Tom Carper, Paul Clark, Chris Coons, the Editorial Board of The News Journal, and ….    Consider, for example, the consistent support for US war crimes (kidnapping, torture…) by Congressman Mike Castle and Senator Tom Carper.  Consider the continuing mistreatment of human beings in Delaware’s prisons and hospitals.  Consider the use of Delaware’s courts to harass citizens and the poor.  Consider our abuse of our environment.  Consider the deterioration of our press and our schools.  There is much to consider, beyond dollars. Continue reading