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Waters rising … Delaware going away?

At the Delaware Audubon annual meeting on December 7th (A nice event, by the way), I had the chance to offer a few thoughts on Delaware, sea level rise, and climate change.  Here is an expanded version of those comments.

First, the reality is that climate-changing emissions keep rising and, while humans could act to stop this, there are not a lot of objective grounds for optimism that this will happen.  See, for example “ CO2 emissions rises mean dangerous climate change now almost certain.Continue reading

Rep. John Kowalko opposes ripoff Demarva Power rate increases

The following press release was issued today by the Delaware House of Representatives:
Utility’s proposed rate increase up for hearing on Thursday

DOVER – Several legislators are encouraging the public to join them in opposing a proposed Delmarva Power utility rate increase that the Public Service Commission will consider on Thursday.

Newark Rep. John Kowalko is asking residents throughout the state to attend the commission’s 1pm Thursday meeting to consider nearly $50 million in rate increases for Delmarva Power customers. Continue reading

Rep. Kowalko on Delmarva Power rate case

[Note:  Rep. Kowalko submitted this to The News Journal on October 22, 2012]

In recent years I have voluntarily applied as an intervener in several cases involving DP&L rate increase requests filed before the Public Service Commission. The process itself is cumbersome and complex and requires resources and time that is not always available to me. Unfortunately the reality is that the public, the ratepayers’, and my constituents’ interests have been inadequately represented in many of these proceedings and my obligation and responsibility as an elected public servant is to ensure some semblance of fairness in the discussions and decisions rendered. Continue reading

"Delaware Tax Haven: The Other Shale Gas Industry Loophole"

That Delaware is a global safe harbor for business misconduct should not be a secret to anybody.  Delawareans tend to support the shameful situation out of a belief that they pay lower taxes as a result.  (Of course, they’ve never been asked: Delaware’s political system doesn’t involve consulting the people on major decisions.) 

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Jim Black–Sierra Club Chapter Chair and incinerator promoter

Dangerous heat and bad air on the agenda for today and over the weekend.

The Chapter Chair of Delaware Sierra is now listed as Jim Black. 

Black, formerly with "Clean Air Council," made a presence in Legislative Hall, mostly by sucking up and advocating bad ideas.  He promoted a biomass incinerator in Newport Delaware, and garbage gasification, etc, in Wilmington Delaware.  A slippery and toxic guy. 

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Passing of Frieda Berryhill

Frieda passed on June 20, 2012, at the age of 90. 

She was well known nationally in the anti-nuclear movement.   Perhaps her biggest single achievement was organizing and leading the opposition ("Coalition for Nuclear Power Postponement") to a nuclear power plant Delmarva Power wanted to build on the banks of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal during the 1970s.

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